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Crews issue advice following kitchen fire

We are urging residents across the county to take extra care in the kitchen following a fire at a home in Newcastle-under-Lyme.Crews from Hanley and Newcastle went to an address off Lincoln Avenue just after 1pm on Sunday (4 February).

Firefighters used a hose reel jet to extinguish the fire by 1.30pm and also cleared the home of excess smoke.The cause of the fire was deemed to be accidental after food had been left unattended on the hob.Thankfully, no one was injured.Station Manager Mark Tattum said: “It can be easy for accidental fires to start in the kitchen. They can quickly spread out of control and cause widespread damage, and that’s why we’re urging people to be extra vigilant and take extra care when they’re cooking.“Food should never be left unattended when it is being cooked and extra checks should be made to ensure that devices like hobs and cookers are properly switched off after they are used.“Once finished, make sure nothing is placed on hot surfaces or any electricals are left near to heat sources.”Our Top 10 cooking tips are:

  1. Look when you cook. Take any pans off the heat if you have to leave the room. If your pan does catch fire do not remove or attempt to extinguish it. Get out

  2. Do not use a chip pan, use a thermostat-controlled electric deep fat fryer instead

  3. Do not leave children alone in the kitchen whilst cooking with the hob or oven

  4. Do not place anything metallic in the microwave

  5. Keep electrical leads away from water and keep electrical leads and cloths away from the hob

  6. Avoid cooking if you have been drinking alcohol

  7. Keep the oven and grill clean, a build-up of fat and grease may catch fire

  8. Take care if wearing lose clothing as it can easily catch fire particularly when using the hob

  9. When you have finished cooking, double check that you have turned off the oven

  10. Do not use matches or lighters to light gas cookers. Spark devices are safer.

For more information on how to stay safe in the kitchen, visit our website: Cooking safety (


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