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Deborah Lawson Honoured with Northern Power Women Award for 'Person with Purpose'

Congleton Town Council is delighted to congratulate Congleton resident and chair of the recently formed Congleton Equal Access advisory group, Deborah Lawson, on her success at the prestigious Northern Power Women Awards. Deborah was awarded the 'Person with Purpose' accolade for her unwavering dedication and remarkable impact as one of the most influential disabled change makers in the UK.

The awards ceremony, held in Manchester, celebrated Deborah's exceptional contributions to fostering positive change and inclusivity. Cllr Kay Wesley, Chair of the Town Council’s Community Committee congratulated Deborah on behalf of the town council. She said: "Deborah's is a source of inspiration for us all. She is passionate and positive about making life better for everyone, but especially those living with a disability. She has helped thousands of people and businesses across the UK, and we are very fortunate that Deborah is keen to work with the Town Council and other local people with a disability to make improvements in her home town.”

The newly formed Equal Access group has met twice, with the third meeting scheduled for 19 April. The third meeting will focus on increasing accessibility at events. The group has been considering the results of an Equal Access Survey. The first 120 responses had gave insightful comments and suggestions, and the group is keen to receive even more feedback to help it focus on areas of greatest concern. The survey aims to gather insights into accessibility issues within the town centre, Congleton events, and town council communications

The survey will stay open until the 10th April. The group is particularly keen to hear from local people with a disability or who have a family member with a disability. The survey can be accessed on the town councils website, via, or scan the QR code.Paper copies are available at Congleton Library and the Congleton Information Centre

Deborah Lawson shared her excitement in contributing to her hometown's progress, emphasising the importance of collaboration and inclusivity. She encourages community members to participate in the Equal Access Survey and invites those interested to join the Equal Access Advisory Group, if they wish to attend meetings or the Equal Access Information Group for those wanting to be kept informed of actions.

The Equal Access Group is made up of local individuals with diverse disabilities, it aims to advise and advocate for disability-positive initiatives within Congleton. Through collaborative efforts and informed dialogue, the group seeks to address barriers and challenges faced by individuals living with disabilities, ensuring a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all.


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