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Do you have a minor injury?

University Hospitals of North Midlands (UHNM) has seen a significant increase in minor injuries attendances to its Emergency Department at Royal Stoke University Hospital..

During the Covid-19 pandemic UHNM has taken a range of robust measures to ensure NHS resources are directed where they are needed and to make sure that both its hospitals, staff and patients remain safe, prioritising its sickest patients to protect staff and emergency services.

This means that:

  • Minor Injuries in adults and children are seen at Haywood Hospital rather than the Emergency Department at Royal Stoke University Hospital. Haywood Hospital’s Walk-in Centre is able to provide these essential services to the local community between 7am-9.30pm every day.

All other emergency services at Royal Stoke, including the Major Trauma Service and the Children’s Emergency Department (ages 0 to 15) are operating as normal for major injury and illness.

Ann-Marie Morris, Emergency Medicine Consultant and UHNM Clinical Director for Urgent and Emergency Care, said: “We are seeing a significant increase in attendances in our Emergency Department, particularly at our Royal Stoke A&E. Patients who attend Royal Stoke with a minor injury will be re-directed to Haywood Hospital’s Walk-in Centre.

“It is vital that people continue to use appropriate urgent care services and so that we can focus on prioritising care to our sickest patients while also keeping patients safe and free from risk while in the Emergency Department.

“Haywood Hospital’s Walk-in Centre can treat a wide range of minor conditions and injuries such as sprains and strains, bites and stings and wounds needing stiches.

“If it isn’t a life threatening situation or emergency such as choking, chest pain, loss of consciousness of loss of blood, we urge patients to use alternative services such as NHS 111, which will direct them to the most appropriate care quickly and efficiently, the Walk in Centre or their GP surgery."


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