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Dog injured from smashed bottles at a local beauty spot

Police in Congleton have reported that whilst speaking with the Countryside Service Development Manager at Cheshire East Council they became aware of Ellie and the injury she sustained at Dane-In-Shaw because of people smashing glass bottles.

‘This is Ellie. Ellie was playing in the brook on Dane-in-Shaw Pasture the week before Easter and sliced a pad off one of her paws on a broken bottle. Two months later and she is still wearing a bootie as it hasn’t healed yet. Ranger Cal has been on the pasture yesterday clearing up a broken vodka bottle from the banks and in the brook (as well as two bin bags full of litter and that’s on top of what a regular dog walker had already picked up).

The litter being left on this beauty spot is bad enough but what kind of people smash bottles somewhere they know full well dogs and children are playing bare foot and people are sitting on the ground sunbathing?’

The police say that the team are doing what they can to support the Rangers across Cheshire and we need you to too.

Sergeant Simpson said "If you've got kids, re-enforce the message about littering with them. I know adults do it too, but we need to start somewhere".

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