Donations and medals stolen after Macclesfield museum broken into

Macclesfield museum have reported a break in on their social media.

They say the break in occurred around 5am on Tuesday morning.

In a post on social media the silk museum said

“On top of the thieves creating a huge amount of damage to the museum building, they have smashed our donations box and taken public donations as well as stealing 2 medals awarded to Charles Tunnicliffe:

1) Gold Medal - awarded to Charles Tunnicliffe for his services to bird protection by the Royal Society of the protection of birds in 1975.

2) OBE - awarded to Charles Tunnicliffe for service to the arts.

On the centenary year of Charles Tunnicliffe we find this a callous act and is a huge blow to the museum in what is already a difficult year.

Please share these images of the medals far and wide, as we hope they can be returned soon. And please donate to the museum if you can! — to replace our lost donations and help pay for repairs. We're trying so hard to make the Silk Museum a great home for Macclesfield's past and a great space for Macclesfield's present and future. Please help us.”

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