Dozens caught speeding and vehicles seized as officers hit the road in the Moorlands

Speeding motorists, drivers using mobile phones, and trucks with insecure loads were among the offences dealt with by officers during a safety operation in the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Patrols identified roads where concerns had been raised by local residents as the Moorlands Neighbourhood Policing Team worked alongside the force’s Road Policing Unit.

And over four days – which took place across the last fortnight – a total of 33 drivers were dealt with for speeding while four vehicles were seized and two individuals were arrested on suspicion of drug driving.

Areas put in focus included Tean, Werrington and Ladderedge where officers monitored the main roads running through those neighbourhoods.

Sergeant Andy Bland, of Moorlands NPT, says there will be more operations to help make the roads safer – and respond to concerns in the communities.

He said: “We targeted the main roads in an effort to improve road safety through clamping down on the contributing factors behind collisions – speed, using a mobile phone, not wearing a seatbelt, and being under the influence of drink or drugs.

“By teaming up with the road policing unit we were also able to focus on commercial vehicles and ensure their drivers were adhering to the correct driving hours and that their loads were secure.”

The Moorlands-based operation saw:

  • 33 drivers caught speeding;

  • 10 tickets issued for offences including using a mobile phone while driving and not wearing a seatbelt;

  • Five HGV drivers found to be exceeding their driving hours;

  • Five HGVs with insecure loads;

  • Two motorists arrested on suspicion of drug driving;

  • Four vehicles seized for having no insurance;

  • A driver arrested on suspicion of driving while disqualified;

  • Seven vehicle defect notices issued;

  • Drug offences around possession identified.

Sergeant Bland added: “We will continue to support the communities by dealing with anti-social drivers and improve the safety on our roads. Operations like this also help us to identify other offences as we saw with the discoveries of drugs that were made.”

The operation coincided with the Road Policing Unit’s week of action around commercial vehicles where a total of 181 vehicles were stopped across the county and 110 traffic offence reports were issued. In addition the unit continues to run Operation Lightning – a dedicated programme to improve road safety.

Sergeant Tony Mckenzie, of the road policing unit – who oversaw the commercial vehicle operation – said: “We were pleased to link up with the Moorlands NPT as we could share our skills with the overall aim of making the county’s roads even safer.

“Our officers are now trained on tacographs and therefore can identify offences around driving hours. Meanwhile our colleagues in the Moorlands were able to share details of the areas where residents had raised concerns and as one team we were able to take action.”

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