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Equal Access for All is the goal of a new Congleton Group

Equal access for all in Congleton is the aim of a new group formed to advise and question Congleton Town Council in its ambitious disability-positive work. The new group, made up of local people living with a wide range of disabilities is seeking help from others whose lives are affected by a disability to take a few minutes to complete a survey to gain a better understanding of the issues facing people living with a disability in Congleton.

The survey seeks to gain more details about the barriers and hurdles that people living with a disability face when accessing the town centre, Congleton events and town council communications. It also welcomes ideas for improvements. The information from the survey, which closes on 10 March, will be used by the town council and others to make Congleton more inclusive.

Congleton Town Council Community Committee approved seven actions that it would work on to improve Congleton for people with disabilities. These included:

• A survey of local residents

• Raising awareness of staff and councillors of issues facing members of the community with a disability via training sessions

• Setting up a consultation group of experts representing different disabilities

• Creating a disability guide to Congleton

• Investigating becoming a disability positive council

• Apply for funding to progress areas of work

• Plan for future action based on input from the surveys and consultation group


Chair of the Community Committee, Cllr Kay Wesley said: “This is a huge topic and it is great that we are starting to make some progress. The first meeting of the Consultation group was very productive and I am delighted that the group, which will call itself Equal Access Congleton, wants to meet regularly. The initial meeting was attended by four people who used power chairs or a mobility scooter, a couple of visually impaired people, a dementia champion, and parents who have children who are neurodiverse or have restricted mobility.”

“We are fortunate to have Deborah Lawson, one of the most influential disabled change makers in the UK, and a recognised global ‘Woman of Courage’ living in Congleton. Deborah was voted by the group to be the Chair of the Equal Access group. I think this will be a dynamic group with a huge depth of knowledge and personal experience that will help the town council in its decision-making and moving Congleton forward.”

Deborah Lawson added: “I am delighted to be able to help my home-town of Congleton. It is great that Congleton Town Council is open to change and wants disabled people to be able to enjoy all the Congleton has to offer. I look forward to working with the council and other local people to make things more accessible for everyone. To help us get off to a good start please take the time to fill in the Equal Access Survey. If you are interested in joining the Equal Access Group fill in the section at the end of the survey.”

The survey closes on 10 March 2024, it can be accessed via the QR code. Paper copies are available in Congleton Library and the Congleton Information Centre. A copy is also available on . If you need assistance filling in a form please contact the Information Centre at the Town Hall on 01260 270350 ext 1.


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