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Fake North Face clothing seized in Staffordshire

A large quantity of counterfeit North Face clothing has been seized in Staffordshire in an ongoing operation by the county council’s Trading Standards team.


Officers made the seizures of jackets and sweatshirts at a market stall in Lichfield earlier in the month. The knock-off jackets were on offer for £69 each and the sweatshirts for £20, both much less than the cost of the genuine products.  The haul is estimated to be around £5,000.


Counterfeit goods, including designer clothing, accessories, electronics and cosmetics are often on sale in the run up to Christmas and buyers are being urged to remain vigilant.


Victoria Wilson, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Trading Standards at Staffordshire County Council, is reminding people not to be caught out by fakes.


Victoria said: “Buying fakes is never a good idea. You’ll not only leave yourself with shoddy goods and out of pocket, but it also helps fuel illegal activities and harms genuine businesses.   Some fakes also pose serious health and safety risks.  For example, fake electronics can be hazardous, and counterfeit cosmetics and perfumes may contain harmful substances.


“We all love a bargain but there are scammers out there just waiting to take advantage, especially where there are more vulnerable or elderly shoppers.  I would always urge people to be cautious, always do research and be wary of really cheap prices.”


Some advice from Trading Standards officers on avoiding fakes includes:


  • Research brands: familiarise yourself with the appearance and packaging of genuine products of popular brands to be able to spot potential counterfeits.


  • Examine products closely: inspect items carefully for poor quality, misspelled labels, and irregularities in logos or trademarks.


  • Check prices: be cautious of heavily discounted prices, as they could be an indicator of counterfeit goods.


  • Ask questions: don't hesitate to ask sellers about product authenticity and the source of their goods.


Last year, Trading Standards officers successfully removed £2.8 million worth of counterfeit goods from the marketplace in Staffordshire.  People can report the sale of counterfeit goods to Trading Standards on the confidential helpline on 01785 330356.


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