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Families urged to enjoy a safe Easter

People are being encouraged to follow sensible precautions and enjoy a safe Easter weekend.

No Covid-19 restrictions will be in place during the Easter Bank Holiday for the first time in two years. People are instead encouraged to be careful and considerate and not put others at risk if meeting friends and family.

Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet Support Member for Public Health and Integrated Care, Dr Johnny McMahon, urged particular caution to those planning to visit people more vulnerable:

“I’m pleased that residents will be able to enjoy a bank holiday weekend without restrictions this Easter but please do everything you can to keep others safe, particularly if they’re older or have health conditions that put them at higher risk from Covid.

“We certainly don’t want Gran or Grandad getting poorly, so if you or others in your family feel unwell and have Covid symptoms, try to limit contact with others and stay at home until you’re feeling better.”

Self-isolation is no longer a legal requirement but people with symptoms of Covid-19 are encouraged to stay at home and minimise contact with others until their symptoms have gone. Keeping rooms well ventilated when meeting people indoors can also help lower the risk of catching or spreading coronavirus.

Rapid tests are still available to purchase from pharmacies or supermarkets for anybody who wants to check they’re not infectious before visiting others.

Dr McMahon also urged people who need a vaccine or booster to make the most of any walk-in clinics taking place during the long weekend:

“It’s still really important to get vaccinated and there are some walk-in clinics operating in Staffordshire during the bank holiday weekend, so make the most of your time off and get protected if you still need a vaccine or booster dose.”

People can search the nearest ‘Grab a Jab’ walk-in clinics taking place during the weekend at


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