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Fire service to visit businesses during safety week

Our protect teams are visiting a number of businesses across Staffordshire as part of Business Safety Week to make businesses aware of their fire safety responsibilities in the workplace. From Monday (11 September) to Sunday (17 September), we will be carrying out face-to-face engagement with business owners and employees to make sure they’re aware of their own fire safety risks and to help them put measures in place to limit the chances of falling victim to accidental fires. Fires in business premises can damage the livelihoods of the owners themselves and put the public at risk of serious harm – which is why we’re keen to prevent as many fires as we can. As part of the safety week, our protect teams have been making sure staff know what to do in the event of an emergency and ensuring they know how they can reduce the risk of fires in the workplace. From 1 October, fire safety legislation will be changing in England and Wales. Many businesses will need to check if and how this affects them and make sure they are in line with the new regulations. Some of the key changes are: · All businesses will need to record a fire risk assessment and fire safety arrangements in full – regardless of the number of employees, and size or type of business · There are increased requirements for cooperation and coordination between responsible individuals in multi-occupied buildings or those where the occupier and owner are not the same person John Berrisford, Business Support Lead, advises on steps businesses can take to ensure their premises are as safe as possible: “Providing and maintaining a safe working environment for staff is paramount for any business. “Waste and clutter should be cleared frequently, as combustible materials like paper, cardboard and wood can easily accumulate and provide ample fuel for fires to spread. “Businesses should also regularly inspect fire doors and ensure escape routes are accessible to everyone in the premises. “A suitable fire risk assessment should be carried out and includes procedures needed to keep people and assets safe. This includes identification of hazards, evaluating, removing or reducing any risk factors identified, preparing an emergency plan and providing adequate training to members of staff. “We are keen to support local businesses and make sure employees and residents in our communities are protected from the risks of fire.” If you are a business owner and would like to speak to our dedicated support team, email or call 01785 898916. For more information on how to mitigate the risks of fire in your workplace, visit: Business safety (


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