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Gritting crews gearing up for a cold snap

Staffordshire’s gritting crews are gearing up for a cold snap next week.

With ice and low temperatures forecasted, Staffordshire’s gritting crews will be monitoring the weather and getting ready to roll as necessary.

Nine weather stations across the county monitor conditions, and a team of winter decision makers make the call on whether to roll out the gritters.

Gritters are also fitted with snow ploughs, so if snow falls—especially on high ground—crews are ready to clear it. The county’s hill contractors are also called into action on higher ground to clear harder to reach places.

On routine winter days and nights gritters will be focusing on the major routes and extending to the wider network in prolonged ice and snow conditions.

Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways David Williams said: “We’re due to see a drop in temperature across the county over the next few days, so our crews are on standby and ready to roll when needed.

“On a typical day, they’ll be out largely on the main roads but in prolonged ice or snow, they will be pulling out all the stops to treat less major routes across the network. The higher ground, particularly in the Staffordshire Moorlands, often takes the brunt of any snowfall but our hill contractors are ready for any challenges.

“I would also remind motorists that they have a role to play too. Regardless of whether a road has been gritted, people need to slow down, drive to the conditions and allow more time for their journeys.”

Cllr David Williams explains how crews have been preparing for winter in this short video.

You can find out more about gritting on the county council’s website.


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