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Gritting crews work around the clock to help keep county on the move

Staffordshire’s army of gritters have been out in force across the county as freezing temperatures and heavy frosts continue to hit the region.

With a yellow weather warning for ice across much of the country and temperatures still expected to remain low into next week, drivers are being reminded to take particular care.

Gritters are also out this morning as light snow showers are also possible in parts of the county later today and on Sunday, which could make driving conditions difficult.

David Williams, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport at Staffordshire County Council said: “Last night and this morning saw more busy shifts for our gritting crews, right across the county.

“With freezing temperatures expected to continue into next week and the risk of snow showers, crews remain well prepared and ready for further action. With our fleet of more than 40 gritters and plenty of grit stockpiled, we are able to keep the county moving. We’ll continue to monitor conditions and grit as required.

“As always, I would ask that drivers take extra care when on the roads, slow down and allow more time for their journeys. And, if we do see snow, it’s even more important that people drive to the conditions.”

On routine winter days and nights, gritters will be focusing on the major routes and extending to the wider network in prolonged ice and snow conditions.

People can find out more about where the teams grit and how to prepare for winter


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