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Groups invited to join Moorlands green network

Staffordshire Moorlands District Council is setting up a green network to help deliver the much-needed changes set out in its climate change actions plans - and is appealing to community and voluntary groups to get involved.

The Council has published two action plans for the Moorlands - part one focuses on reducing the carbon emissions resulting from Council operations and part two looks at the role of the wider community in meeting carbon neutrality targets.

The plans were rated the second highest in the county by Climate Emergency UK which carried out an assessment of all the plans published by local councils earlier this year.

Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Biodiversity, Councillor Joe Porter, said: "Climate change affects everyone and the Council has set out its plans for tackling this in the Moorlands. Whilst we're delighted that these plans were ranked so highly, the true measure of success is turning the plans into actions and we need a community effort to address some of the key issues that affect us locally.

"That's why we want to establish this green network to build on the good work that's already happening and to make sure we're working together to make a real difference.

"We want to hear from voluntary and community groups who are keen to work with the Council and other groups to share ideas and experiences and develop new ones together. So please get in touch and let's get this local network up and running!"

The network will give groups a chance to contribute to the Council's planning and policy making on green issues as well as working collaboratively on new projects and ideas.

Support Staffordshire is helping the Council establish and administer this new network. If you'd like your group to be considered for membership please email


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