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High praise for trailblazing pothole pro’s pivotal role in patching up Staffordshire’s roads

Three months after JCB’s pothole pro clocked onto its first shift, the pioneering pothole repair machine continues to play a pivotal role in helping to improve Staffordshire’s roads.

The machine is currently assisting crews with preventative maintenance preparation works in Kingsford Lane, Wolverley, and will be making its way around the county carrying out routine repairs and essential preventative pre-patching across Staffordshire ahead of winter, when weather conditions make it difficult to tackle defects.

It is on track to prepare approximately 14,000m 2 of road for surface dressing by the end of March 2024.

The county council’s latest addition to its fleet of highways repair machines was designed and built by Staffordshire’s own JCB.

It was only fitting that the pothole pro’s first job, in July, was to assist in resurfacing the roundabout outside JCB Heavy Products in Beamhurst – the place of its creation.

These works were part of a larger £300,000 scheme at the A522 Uttoxeter Road.

Cabinet member for highways and transport at Staffordshire County Council, David Williams, said: “It important to us to ensure that Staffordshire’s roads are safe and well looked after so our county can stay connected.

“The Pothole pro is an iconic piece of kit that should bring confidence to residents that we are providing the best possible service when fixing our roads, and are always willing to innovate to repair as many defects as possible.”

The JCB Pothole Pro is a unique 3-in-1 machine, designed to repair potholes in an average time of eight minutes without the need for additional specialist equipment or extra manpower.

It works by cutting, planing and sweeping road defects before they can be filled with asphalt, and can prepare up to 250m 2 of roadway in a single shift or 5,000m 3per month.

David Williams continued: “The Pothole Pro is a tremendous addition to our arsenal of machinery to help us repair our roads as efficiently as possible so we can minimise disruption to motorists.

“Alongside other tools such as the thermal road repairs, our pothole-blasting Roadmaster and of course our crews who are out and about carrying out manual repairs, we are well-equipped to carry out repairs well into the autumn, and make good on our £30 million investment in improving Staffordshire’s highways over the next two years.”

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