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June is environment month in Moorlands

Next week is ‘Great Big Green Week’ where people are encouraged to share what inspires them to tackle climate change and protect nature – but that’s not the only green activity taking place in June.

From the Wildlife Trust’s ’30 Days Wild’ campaign, which challenges everyone to do one wild thing a day, to the opportunity to make a personal pledge to reduce your carbon footprint, there’s plenty happening in the Moorlands this month.

Moorlands Climate Action are hosting an event at the Foxlowe Arts Centre in Leek on Saturday 24 June when the carbon bubble roadshow – featuring a special performance from the Bee Cart – will also be in town.

Councillor Nigel Yates, Cabinet member for Climate Change and Environment, said: “Our changing climate is something that affects us all so it’s important that our response to managing that change is also a collective effort.

“There are lots of fun activities taking place this month with the environment at their heart – and plenty of opportunities for people to find out more about what the Council and others are doing to protect our environment and to get involved themselves.

“From reducing, re-using and recycling the things we no longer want to pledging action to reduce our individual carbon footprint, there’s lots of easy things we can all do. So please come along to one of our events, take part in Big Green Week and 30 Days Wild, of just get out and about to enjoy the beautiful parks and open spaces here in the Moorlands this June.”

Everyone is welcome to attend the MCA event at the Foxlowe to find out more about the importance of bees and pollinators and try your hand at some interesting new skills.

And whilst you’re in town, don’t forget to come and see the Council and partners at Sparrow Park where there carbon bubble will be on display helping people visualise how their daily activities can impact emissions – and make a pledge to do something to reduce their footprint.

Keep an eye on our social media pages where we will be sharing other community events and ideas to be a bit greener.

Since declaring a climate emergency, the Council has set out how it will tackle CO2 emissions from its services and activities – and also what individuals, groups and organisations across the District can all do to help the environment. You can read the plans here.

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