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Karen Bradley MP Column 03.07.23

It’s Club Day in Leek on Saturday 8th July and I am delighted to have this very special event as my fifth Reason to Visit the Moorlands. For a whole year, each week, I will be focusing on one of the many Reasons that people enjoy the Moorlands and encouraging everyone to share their great experiences and photos of that Reason on my Year of Reasons Twitter page @VisitMoorlands.

I have taken part in Club Day for many years – such a historic event that is over 200 years old and an important fixture in Leek’s year. It is a unique and special day in the Moorlands.

There are groups from many different churches, some with a band and all carrying banners. The churches parade to the Market Place in Leek where an open air service of worship takes place followed by a walk through the town with a different church each year holding the honour of leading the procession.

This year it is the turn of the Salvation Army and the Leek Church and Community Centre to lead and as always, it will be lovely to join everyone in the open air service and then the walk through the town to celebrate our sense of unity and faith.

Last year the Gateway Church @ Leek who led the procession had a green colour theme symbolising the theme of new life and growth. The event last year was a real Reason to visit the Moorlands with people lining the streets, out and about having fun and enjoying the special sense of community we have here in the Moorlands.

For more information, please see my Facebook page all this week and I hope that this year will see even more local people and visitors enjoying this special occasion and fantastic Reason to visit the Moorlands.


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