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Karen Bradley MP Column 21.08.23

It’s week 12 of my Year of Reasons to Visit the Moorlands and this week’s Reason is the utterly unique and special Tawny Hotel in Consall.

I am sure that many people remember visiting the beautiful Consall Hall Gardens, which were created by William Podmore OBE. They were a much treasured local venue that have been saved and preserved by Will Scott-Moncrieff and Sarah and Ben Reeves. The two families have created an incredible concept in the form of the Tawny Hotel, and the neighbouring Foxtail Barns, wedding venue.

The Tawny is a ‘deconstructed hotel’. In most hotels, there are blocks of hotel rooms, but at the Tawny guests stay in purpose-built shepherds huts, treehouses, lookouts, boathouses and retreats that are scattered throughout the grounds of this 70 acre countryside estate. 

There is a restaurant, the Plumicorn, that serves locally produced food, a heated swimming pool and a beautiful terrace for drinks or afternoon tea. There are also spa facilities and of course visitors can enjoy walking through the amazing gardens.

The truly stand out feature of the Tawny is its setting; guests are encouraged to explore the woodland, take a leisurely stroll through the lakeside gardens, find peace in secluded dells and delight in nature. Since its inception, the team behind The Tawny have worked to realise the potential of the estate whilst treasuring its heritage, landscape and ecology.

The hotel has been named one of The Sunday Times ‘Best Places to Stay’ and The Telegraph’s ‘Most Romantic Hotels in the UK’ in both 2022 and 2023 respectively. I am so proud that the Moorlands is home to this one of a kind hotel and know that with the beautiful landscapes, the impeccable service and design, it will be a great Reason for many people to Visit the Moorlands.


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