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Karen Bradley MP Column 29.05.23

We had some good news for the Moorlands last week with the announcement of £95,348 of funding from the Government to improve our local sports facilities and help more people access them as well as the news that Biddulph High School and James Bateman Middle School will receive part of the Government’s £450 million investment to improve school buildings across the country.

I have also been busy together with my team getting ready to launch my initiative ‘A Year of Reasons to Visit the Moorlands’.

I am really pleased that so many organisations and businesses in the constituency have signed up to take part although we still have room for more.

Each week, starting the beginning of June, I will be highlighting a ‘Reason’ or ‘Reasons’ why people should visit this very special area that we live in. It could be local artists, local churches, Towns and Parishes in the Moorlands, some of the fantastic areas and beauty spots we have locally as well as events and festivals just to mention a few.

I hope that you will keep an eye on my website, Facebook and my Year of Reasons twitter page for the weekly ‘Reason’ and once we have announced this, please do share your own memories and photos on social media to help let everyone know about the ‘Reason’ we are highlighting each week. I have been visiting some of the many organisations that have signed up and everyone is really enthusiastic about helping to promote the Staffordshire Moorlands constituency and show the world all that we have to offer.

If you would like to be considered for the initiative, please email me on with a photo that best depicts what your organisation brings to the Moorlands and 200 words with reasons why people should visit.


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