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Karen Bradley MP Column 30.10.23

We have so many fantastic farms and farmers here in the Moorlands and I am always eager to highlight them and the great work they do. One of the places where you can get to see agriculture first-hand is the wonderful Leek Cattle Market which is my week 22’s Reason to Visit the Moorlands.

I regularly meet our farmers, at agricultural shows and through the local NFU and enjoy being invited to local farms to see the great work the farmers do for myself. Leek Cattle Market is an amazing place for them to gather and sell and buy livestock and it’s always a pleasure to visit and catch up with everyone on what is an important part of the Moorlands economy.

Local farmers and smallholders have been entitled to gather and trade their produce since the 13th Century under a Charter granted by King John to Ralph, Earl of Chester. In 1955, the market was moved out of the town centre and has had constant updates and improvements since. It is now one of the few surviving livestock markets and can handle all classes of livestock serving local butchers, regional wholesalers and graziers.

The market is administered by professional Auctioneers and with an average of two sales a week, the Auction provides trading facilities for the ever-adapting farming economy in the surrounding area.

The stock is drawn from a wide area covering North Staffordshire and the neighbouring areas and attracts buyers from all over the country, attracted by the high quality on offer.

It’s a great Reason to Visit the Moorlands – visitors can come along on a Tuesday morning and most Saturdays to see the best of our local livestock and witness for themselves the contribution made to the rural community and beyond of our brilliant local farmers.


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