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Karen welcomes Government’s new campaign to boost take up of Pension Credit in Staffs Moorlands

Karen has welcomed a new campaign from the Government to boost the take-up of Pension Credit as part of wider support with the cost of living.

The Government is calling on pensioners across the country to check if they are entitled to Pension Credit as soon as possible to ensure they stand the best chance of qualifying for an extra £324 cost of living payment.

There are already 1,453 claimants of Pension Credit in the Moorlands but around a quarter of people who could claim the extra help do not currently do so.

Pension Credit is a top up for our most vulnerable pensioners that is worth an average of £3,500. As well as a cash top up to the State Pension, this can help pensioners access other support such as help with housing costs, council tax reduction schemes, heating bills and a free over-75s TV licence.

Checking eligibility and applying by 18 December will mean pensioners could also receive a £324 boost thanks to Pension Credit backdating rules.

Pension Credit can be claimed online or over the phone. Information is available on Gov.UK website or by calling the Freephone Pension Credit claim line on 0800 99 1234.

Commenting, Karen said:

“1,453 pensioners in Staffordshire Moorlands already claim Pension Credit, but there are many more who could be doing so, which is why I want to encourage everyone who thinks they may be eligible to look into claiming it.”

Commenting, Minister for Pensions, Laura Trott, said:

“The run up to Christmas is always a busy time, but one thing to make sure that’s on your list over the coming days is to find out whether you or your loved ones could be eligible for Pension Credit.

“Pension Credit can make a real difference and I am determined to make sure this support – worth an average of £3,500 per year – is reaching everyone who needs it.”

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