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Leek McDonald’s approved

McDonalds planning application for Leek has been approved.

At a meeting of Staffordshire Moorlands district council councillors approved the application unanimously today (9th March)

Many councillors spoke in favour of the application.

Councillor Bill Cawley spoke

About how it will not detract from tourism and local independent businesses due to the location and gave examples of McDonald’s restaurants being in historic places such as Venice.

Councillor Jim Davies also spoke about this saying “it’s the perfect location for Leek”

Councillor Keith Hoptroff also believed that it was a good location.

Councillor Keith Flunder, Cabinet member for tourism, agreed with Councillor Cawley saying that it is out of the town and will not impact business.

Councillor Stephen Ellis also said that Dominoes in Leek and Cheadle are thriving when it was feared they would impact local businesses.

Councillor Lyn Swindlehurst said that litter is a problem across the town but she believed that people are responsible not businesses.  And that the business shouldn’t be judged based on people’s actions.

Potential traffic issues were raised by Cllr Peter Jackson and Ian Plant who still believed the application was sufficient for approval and that highways couldn’t see an issue and that a plan is in place.

The multi million pound investment is set to provide 120 full and part time jobs and will see litter pickers in the area 3 times a day.

Councillors voted unanimously in favour of the application

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