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Local caravan thefts - Information to help keep yours secure

Staffordshire Police have once again reported that there has been several caravan's stolen from the Local area in the past few days and weeks. Officers are asking that If you own a caravan please ensure it's secure.

Below is some information about keeping your van safe:

Your caravan is a target for thieves. Whether it’s on a site, parked in your driveway or you’re just stopping for a short time in a lay-by or motorway service station, it’s important to protect it. Immobilise your caravan at all times, even when stopping briefly.

Fit an alarm and remember to turn it on whenever you leave, even if it’s only for a short time. Don’t leave anything valuable on display. Always close doors, windows and roof lights when you leave. Lock your caravan and take your keys with you.

At home keep keys in a safe place, out of sight and away from windows and doors. Remove all personal belongings whenever it’s not in use and leave curtains open so potential thieves can see there’s nothing of value inside.

Keep a record of the serial numbers of accessories fitted, such as fridges and cookers. If using a storage site consider their security.

Consider fitting a tracking device that allows the operator to track the caravan if it’s stolen. If you would like any further crime prevention advice, please contact your local officers by calling 101 or visit


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