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Local charity awarded for their commitment to sustainability

LOCAL charity Emmaus North Staffs - who help to save around 300 tonnes of waste each year  - have been commended for their mission to help the environment.

The charity were awarded the Sustainability Award at the Potteries Centre Annual Awards - which is where they have their own large household store on the ground floor.

In the last 12 Months John and his staffs at Emmaus North Staffs have also encouraged businesses based at the Potteries Centre to donate unwanted goods and recycle waste.

John Webbe, Executive Lead at the charity, said: “We are really proud to receive the Sustainability Award from the Potteries Centre.

“Since moving into our new shop in May 2022, we have tried to encourage as many businesses to look at ways of reducing their own waste and it’s a real honour to be recognised with this award.”

To add further to Emmaus North Staffs commitment to helping the environment - the charity accept quality used furniture donations and white goods which are recycled for continued use preventing the waste going into landfill.

“With collections and donations we receive approximately 300 tonnes of furniture, including household items and white goods,” adds John.

“If we didn’t welcome these donations they would most probably end up in local landfills and we help to prevent that waste from happening by reselling via our Home and Furniture Charity Emporium, in Etruria and Potteries Centre shop. We endeavour to continue to increase overall recycling rates to minimise impact on landfill sites.”

Amy Whittaker, Centre Manager at The Potteries Centre, said “We are thrilled to have hosted such a successful awards night in honour of all the amazing retailers we have at The Potteries Centre. Specifically, we are pleased to have awarded Emmaus North Staffs the Sustainability Award following all the great work they do in tackling furniture poverty, all while reducing waste and helping to save the planet. We want to congratulate Emmaus North Staffs and can’t wait to see what this next year brings.”

The commitment to sustainability does not stop there and the charity regularly run recycling woodwork workshops for members of the community - which provide life and employment skills at the same time.

The Emmaus North Staffs Potteries Centre Shop is open to the public six days a week.

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