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Moorlands zoo welcomes polar bears

Peak wildlife park have announced the arrival of three polar bears.

The park has extended its warmest welcome to a mother and her two young cubs, who will find their new home in a specially designed 5-acre habitat. This relocation comes as a result of the closure of Orsa predator park in Sweden and the need to find a suitable rehoming solution for these incredible animals.  The cubs, Nanook and Noori, were born at Orsa in November 2021 and their mother, Hope, was born in Antibes, France in 2014.

The polar bear relocation has been a collaborative effort between the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria’s (EAZA) European Ex-situ Programme (EEP) for polar bears, Orsa and Peak Wildlife Park, with a shared goal of ensuring the well-being and conservation of this iconic Arctic species.

"We are delighted to be welcoming these magnificent polar bears to Peak Wildlife Park," said James Butler, Park Director at Peak Wildlife Park. "Their arrival marks an important milestone in our commitment to conservation and education. We have created an enclosure that prioritises their welfare while offering visitors a unique opportunity to learn about and appreciate these incredible animals."

The bears' new habitat boasts a sprawling 5 acres, complete with deep ponds, rugged terrain, and ample space for the bears to roam and engage in a range of natural behaviours. Peak Wildlife Park has tried to ensure that the bears’ new home is compatible with their former enclosure at Orsa, hopefully ensuring as seamless a transition for the bears as possible.

The polar bears have arrived at the park, but are not due to go on show to the public until August of this year. Visitors can look forward to observing these awe-inspiring creatures in their new surroundings and learning more about the conservation efforts dedicated to their preservation.


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