Mountain rescue volunteers and air ambulance called to The Roaches after 10 metre fall

Volunteers from Buxton mountain rescue team were called out to the roaches on Thursday when A climber fell 10m

Photo-Buxton Mountain Rescue

Unfortunately, the casualty landed quite heavily at the base of the crag. A walker who was passing by raised the alarm and the team responded, as did Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust, and West Midlands Ambulance Service.

The air ambulance medics were first on scene and provided initial care, quickly administering pain relief as the casualty had suspected fractured ribs, wrist and complained of back pain.

As rescue team members arrived, the stretcher was assembled and the casualty was very carefully loaded onto it.

With the help of all involved, including a local outdoor instructor, the stretcher was moved to the awaiting helicopter. Once the casualty was safely on board, the helicopter crew transported the climber to hospital.

Posting about the call out on social media the team said

“There was some initial confusion as to the exact location of the casualty, as the What 3 Words again placed the casualty in a different area.

If possible, especially in remote areas, please give us a grid reference instead, as we find this is usually more accurate.”

Buxton mountain rescue team is staffed by volunteers and rely on donations which can be made here

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