New campaign to keep mature drivers safer

Meet drivers Graham Hutton and Sally Sutton, who are backing a new campaign to help keep mature drivers safer on the roads.

The duo have teamed up with the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership for the ‘Safe and Sure – on the road’ campaign to help mature drivers to drive safely and for longer.

Advice on renewing a driving licence, driving with medical conditions and access to a driver review is being made available to mature drivers in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

A social media campaign will share tips on how to stay ‘safe and sure’, along with advice for when people’s driving abilities and habits change.

County councillor Graham Hutton is one mature driver who is supporting the campaign.

Graham said: “Driving is the main means of transport for the vast majority of people. It is important that we recognise how our driving ability changes, particularly as we get older and experience slower reaction times.

“The Mature Driver Reviews provide a great opportunity to have your driving checked by an expert and identify any areas that may need improving. I would definitely recommend this to all drivers over the age of 70.”

Speaking on behalf of the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership, Helen Fisher, Deputy Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner said: “As we get older, whilst we have a wealth of experience on the roads, our eyesight and hearing may not be as sharp as they were and it can be harder to judge speed and distance. This can make driving more difficult and less enjoyable.

“This is an important campaign that will make it much easier for mature drivers to get the information they need to help them stay safer on the roads. Giving mature drivers tips and advice and the chance to review their driving skills will hopefully make them more confident and comfortable whilst behind the wheel. This will also help give their families peace of mind that they are safe to drive.”

Sally Sutton from Stafford has been driving for over 50 years and is also supporting the campaign.

Sally said: “The Mature Driver Review gave me some really useful tips that have helped improve my driving. It also gave me a real confidence boost knowing I’m safe to drive both myself and any passengers I might have. I think it’s an excellent idea for mature drivers and I would definitely urge people to consider doing the review.”

The Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership are offering 50% off Mature Driver Reviews with IAM RoadSmart for the first 20 people signing up. For more information on the course and on how to book, please visit Advanced driving and riding courses | IAM RoadSmart. When purchasing the course use the code ‘STAFFS50’.

More information about the campaign can be found here. Delivering road safety – Advice for mature drivers – Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership (

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