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No Booking required for Congleton’s Paddling Pool

Congleton’s Paddling Pool opens to the public for the summer season on Saturday 25 May. It willwork on a first-come, first-served principle with a maximum of 140 people in the pool facility at any time.


There will be two sessions per day, 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm with a break from 1pm – 2pm when everyone will need to leave the pool area while it is cleaned and tested ahead of the afternoon session. Once 140 people have been admitted, anyone else turning up must wait for people to leave before they can be admitted. A dedicated new queuing area has been created within the pool area as a safe waiting zone.


The pool will be open every day during the half-term and summer school holidays and Wednesday – Sunday during term-time until 1 September. It is designed for children aged 11 and under and all children must be accompanied by an adult. The booking system that was loved by some and hated by others has been dropped as it led to frustration with people booking and not turning up when others wished to use the pool. The attendants at the pool had to assume those who had booked could turn up towards the end of the session.


Cllr Suzie Akers Smith, Chair of the Town Hall and Assets Committee, said: “Congleton Paddling Pool is a local gem that has been enjoyed by young children since the 1930s. Following the 2023 season, councillors on the Town Hall and Assets Committee considered the feedback and data from the season and agreed that we should drop the booking system and create a queuing area within the pool area. In reality, with our summers, most of the time there is no issue with capacity at the pool. The difficulties occur on the extra hot days when everyone wants to use the pool – but whatever the weather we can only admit 140 people at any time.”


Visitors driving to the paddling pool, are advised to park in Town Centre car parks. Daneside Theatre car park is private and anyone parking there without a permit risks getting a £100 fine. Town Centre car parks are just a short walk from the pool and park.


Look out for announcements, updates or closures during the season, these will be made on the town council website and social media pages.


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