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One in eight 16 to 29-year-olds hesitate about Covid vaccine

Staffordshire County Council heath chiefs are encouraging younger people to take up the Covid jab when offered as people over 44 are invited.

All people aged over 44 in England can now book a vaccination and the Council is encouraging all age groups not to delay in booking their vaccination when available.

This comes as the government is set to launch a national campaign aiming to encourage under-50s to take the vaccine, following research that suggests younger people are more likely to be hesitant.

A recent survey by the Office for National Statistics stated that although 94% of all adults felt positive about the vaccine, about one in eight 16 to 29-year-olds said they were hesitant.

Dr Richard Harling, Staffordshire County Council’s director of health and care, said:

“The vaccination programme for the over 50s has been a real success story, locally and across England. “More than 33 million people have now received their first dose and over 12 million are fully vaccinated. “It is important we keep this up in all age categories. This is the best way to keep cases and complications low and ensure that we can regain and keep the freedoms we have all been missing. “So, we must reach out to all groups of people that are hesitant and reassure them that the vaccine is safe and effective.”

You can book your vaccination appointments online if any of the following apply:

you're aged 44 or over

you'll turn 44 before 1 July 2021

you are at high risk from coronavirus (clinically extremely vulnerable)

you have a condition that puts you at higher risk (clinically vulnerable)

you have a learning disability

you get a Carer's Allowance, get support following an assessment by your local authority or your GP record shows you are a carer

You do not need to wait to be contacted by the NHS.

After your vaccine you must continue to follow guidance, restrictions, socially distance and get tested regularly – just because you have had the vaccine, doesn’t mean you can’t catch it and spread it to others

The Council is also keen to remind Muslim communities that the British Islamic Medical Association has reviewed the analysis of Islamic scholars and confirmed that having the vaccine during Ramadan does not invalidate fasting.


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