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Parents of two-and-three year olds urged to get their child vaccinated

Parents of two-and-three year olds are being urged to protect their children against flu this winter following a rise in cases.

Rates of flu have increased both nationally and in Staffordshire – with latest figures showing that children under five make up the highest rate of hospitalisation for flu in the country. The flu vaccine is the best way to protect children from flu and prevent the virus from spreading further this winter.

Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet Support Member for Public Health and Integrated Care, Paul Northcott, said: “With both flu and COVID-19 cases both circulating this winter, it is vital that all those eligible get both vaccines as soon as possible.

“Flu for younger children can be very serious, making them very unwell and in some cases needing hospitalisation. The best way for parents and carers to protect their young children against serious complications of the flu is to arrange for your child to have a flu vaccination.

“Flu is easily spread within families and nurseries and with Christmas coming up, I would encourage parents to get their children vaccinated as soon as they can.”

Children born between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2022 are eligible for a nasal spray flu vaccine. All primary school children, some secondary school aged children and children aged 2 to 18 years old with long-term health conditions are also elgible for a free flu vaccine.

More information on the flu vaccine can be found at:


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