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People invited to discover film and TV history in county’s libraries

Archive footage dating back to the 1960s will soon be available at all of Staffordshire’s Libraries for people to enjoy.

The historic videos are being made available through a project by BFI Replay and include collections from the BBC and ITV. The footage, which has been collected and cared for by archivists, will allow residents the chance to take a trip down memory lane. People can watch the footage on the library’s public PCs by clicking on the BFI Replay icon on the desktop.

The collections record and reveal an era of rapid social, industrial, political and technological change. They present historical news events, as well as classic TV from Coronation Street to The Book Tower, alongside public information films, adverts, interviews with filmmakers and much more.

Victoria Wilson, Libraries Chief at Staffordshire County Council said: “We all love a bit of nostalgia, so it is brilliant that our libraries will now be able to offer easy access to thousands of videos which document how Britain has changed over the decades.

This will be of particular interest to local history enthusiasts and anyone with a passion for TV history, but also people who just want a trip down TV-viewing memory lane.

“It’s a great example of how we’re using libraries to connect with our communities and always trying to find new activities and projects to be involved with.”

More information on BFI Replay can be found on the BFI website


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