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Plans submitted for drive through restaurant in Leek

Plans have been lodged with Staffordshire moorlands district council for the construction of a drive through restaurant in Leek.

The proposed plan uses vacant land off of Mill street, Leek.

The applicant submitted a pre-application enquiry to the Council before preparing the

planning application.

The Council's response to the pre-application enquiry (PAD/2021/0016) concludes with the

following points.

“To conclude, the principle of re-using this former industrial site for new commercial or employment uses is acceptable if it can be demonstrated that this particular proposal would not affect the viability and vitality of the town centre and the requirement for a "Sequential Test" document in order to assess this would be dependent upon the size or floorspace. Due to the mainly residential nature

or the immediate surrounding area, (here are concerns over the impact or the proposal on the amenities of the area through the operation of the site and traffic

generation and so it is therefore strongly advisable to gain separate advice from

the Council's Environmental Health Section and the local highways authonty

Before submitting a planning application

The advice in this report is given in good faith on the basis or the information

available at the present time. The advice may be subiect to revision following a

further examination or consultation, or where additional information comes to Light and is therefore not binding on any future recommendation that may be made by the Council, or any formal decision by the Council”

Planning permission has been previously granted at the site to erect 21 affordable apartments under application reference SMD/2015/0119.

The previous consent has not been implemented.

The applicant of the reastaraunt says “The redevelopment of the site for 21 affordable units is not financially viable. The redevelopment of the site for affordable housing will not take place. This will leave an undeveloped gap along a main route to and from the town centre.”

The plans show a modern mono-pitch building. The proposed materials include brickwork and full height glazing to the entrance and side elevations of the building.


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