Police appeal after Queens cross stolen from roadside

Staffordshire Moorlands Police have received a report today stating that the Queens Cross has been stolen from the roadside at the

junction of Holehouse Lane and Gratton Lane in the Endon area.

A spokesperson for the Staffordshire Moorlands neighbourhood policing team said

”We are seeking any information relating to this theft. If you have seen the stone recently or have been offered it for sale please contact police. The police reference is 260-05/03/21. Rural and Heritage crime is taken very seriously by Staffordshire Police. Removing historic and often exclusive items which have been shared by local people, sometimes for generations is very selfish and greedy. If you have any knowledge of the theives or the whereabouts of the stone please contact police either online or by calling 101. Crime stoppers can also be contacted on 0800 555 111.

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