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Police investigating as flag stones stolen from Church

Police in the moorlands are investigating a heritage crime at All Saints Church in Grindon.

Overnight (Wed 16 - Thur 17 Feb) a large amount of stone flags have been stolen from the 18th century footpath.

Any witnesses, or anyone with any information, is asked to get in touch quoting 305 of 17 Feb.

Cheshire police who assisted Staffordshire police on a similar case a few years ago said

“Imagine going to visit the grave of a loved one, Imagine it's your wedding day, or the day of a funeral, a christening, or another incredibly important event - This is what you arrive to!

Heritage Crime has an impact on a whole community, a lasting effect, that is absolutely devastating. If you know who was responsible, and now you've seen the damage they've done and are as appalled as everyone else, contact Staffordshire Police and let's get the stones back.

This happened overnight 16th /17th Feb with over 70 stones being stolen.

A few years back we worked with Staffordshire Police to help detain a male involved in a similar theft who travelled through Cheshire to commit this kind of crime.

These criminals tend to travel across borders and so there is a real risk to other Churches across the region, including here in Cheshire.

You can help by keeping an eye on the heritage buildings and protected sites in your community. If you see anything of concern, let us know. We'd rather check, than miss an opportunity to catch these people.

Did you know that those caught can be sentenced for longer as it's a Heritage Crime?

Thanks all for following, and please help us look after these wonderful locations. Please share.”


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