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Resident banned from home for three months after police secure closure order

A North Staffordshire resident will be unable to return to his home for three months after police secured a closure order in response to complaints of violence and criminal damage.

The resident was stabbed at the terraced property in Warwick Street, Chesterton, magistrates were told, and there have also been incidents of fighting outside and a damaged window.

On Monday (March 4) Staffordshire Police was granted a closure order preventing anyone entering the property – including the resident – from now until June 4. The resident did not attend the hearing at North Staffordshire Justice Centre.

Charlotte Bradford, who represented Staffordshire Police at Monday’s hearing, said: “He has been made aware of the hearing and was served with the notice yesterday (March 3). Police have been receiving an influx in calls by neighbours since January 2023 in relation to (the property).

“(The resident) himself has been stabbed at the premises. On November 17 criminal damage was reported; the living room window had been put through by druggies.

“I’m aware an elderly resident lives next door and that’s alarming for them. On November 19 seven males have been fighting outside and on December 5 a number of males were fighting outside the property.

“Looking at the street it’s a row of terraced houses – you can imagine how the neighbours must feel seeing that on a regular basis. There are children in the area and elderly residents – it has just got to stop.

“There have been efforts made (with the resident) to disrupt the behaviour and there has been a police presence. That has not deterred the behaviour.

“The only option now is to remove (the resident) from that address for a period of three months to stop visitors. Without an order in place there is a fear someone could be seriously injured, whether that be a visitor (the resident), a neighbour in the street or if somebody decided to get involved.”

Miss Bradford told magistrates that an order banning visitors to the property but allowing the resident to remain there “couldn’t be done because of the amount of visitors coming to the address”. She added: “He has no control when he is there.

“There are serious incidents that have happened and he has not reported anything – the neighbours have. Even with an order in place the view of Staffordshire Police is it would not work while he is there – the visitors would come because he is the focal point of the address.”


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