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Residents urged to have free NHS Health Checks and have their say

Residents are being encouraged to take advantage of the NHS Health Check Programme and participate in a new survey.


In an effort to promote community well-being, Stoke-on-Trent City Council is urging residents to take advantage of the NHS Health Check programme, aimed at providing people with a comprehensive and complimentary health assessment to support their overall well-being.


The programme is open to all adults aged 40–74 and offers a range of vital health screenings, including blood pressure, cholesterol, and BMI assessments, along with personalised advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


The NHS Health Checks are currently offered at GP practices in Stoke-on-Trent. This is an important step for many people towards improving their health as they can take advantage of this service free of charge, and becoming more aware of what they can do to enjoy a better quality of life tomorrow. In addition, it can help find ways to identify and lower people’s risk of developing heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, type 2 diabetes and some types of dementia which are problems that nobody would like to face.


This comes as the council has set out a new approach to wellbeing in line with the new draft Corporate Strategy 2024-2028 “Our City Our Wellbeing”, to create a healthier standard of living for people in Stoke-on-Trent. The city council is also seeking the views of local people to make sure that it is providing the best service to residents. As part of a review, during the month of April residents are being encouraged to participate in a survey which can be found at:


Councillor Lynn Watkins, cabinet member for health and wellbeing said: “Prevention is always better than cure and I encourage residents who are invited for a free health check by their GP to make an appointment as soon as possible. Almost 1500 residents had a free check between October and December 2023, the NHS Health Check provides a real opportunity for people to take control of their own health.


“We also want to make sure that residents who would benefit most from the check are able to access the service. By participating in this survey, you have the opportunity to directly influence the improvements that will be made to health check services in our area”.


To schedule an appointment for a health check, please contact your local NHS Health Check provider, which is often your GP or local pharmacy. If you are unsure who provides NHS Health Checks in your area, you can use the Find NHS Health Check Services .


For more information regarding the NHS Health Check you can visit NHS Health Check - NHS ( .


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