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Safety scheme continues to keep roads safe

A temporary road safety scheme at Freehay Crossroads in Cheadle continues to keep roads safe as plans for a permanent solution move ahead.

Temporary traffic lights were installed at the junction in July 2018 following concerns from local residents about road safety. Additionally, in 2019, the speed limit on each approach to the junction was also reduced to 30mph.

Since the installation of the lights, there have been no personal injury collisions recorded at the location.

Alongside the temporary measures, a longer term scheme is being designed. This could see the installation of permanent traffic lights that could be in place this year.

David Williams, Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways at Staffordshire County Council said: “Keeping our roads safe remains a priority for the county council and our roads continue to be amongst the safest in the country.

We do listen to concerns from residents about road safety and we will take action when required. It’s important that we do get a permanent scheme in place here, but it’s encouraging to see that the temporary lights have improved safety.”

County Councillor Mark Deaville said it was also great news that the temporary lights were helping keep the area safer.

Mark said: “Improving road safety at Freehay Crossroads has been a major priority of mine for a number of years now. The safety of people in my area is of paramount importance.

“I know the area and these crossroads very well and prior to the temporary lights being installed, I have witnessed some incredibly careless and dangerous driving here, with collisions on a regular basis. I am tremendously relieved that the reduced speed limit and the temporary traffic lights have made a massive and positive difference.

“I would like to thank everyone for their efforts in keeping our roads and Freehay Crossroads safe. I also thank local motorists and residents for their patience whilst the temporary lights have been in place. I now look forward to seeing permanent lights at this location and I continue to work with our highways team, Staffordshire Police and other partners to make this happen.”


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