Scam warning as fire service phone numbers are 'spoofed' by telemarketer

Cheshire fire and rescue are warning about scams as fire service phone numbers are 'spoofed' by telemarketer

Phone numbers for the main control room have been spoofed by telemarketers without consent. The matter is being investigated

A spokesperson for Cheshire foreign and rescue said

“You may have received a phone call from our main switchboard number, 01606 868700, or another one of our phone numbers with the 01606 868 prefix.

Please be aware that a telemarketing company is ‘spoofing’ these numbers without our consent, and the matter is being investigated.

If you have received a call from this number and were not expecting it, please ignore it. We apologise for any inconvenience.”

Due to Churnet Sound radio changing studio facilities within Biddulph town hall all shows today are pre recorded. We apologise for the inconvenience our volunteers are working hard to ensure our new bigger studio complex is fully operational so we can bring better programming and to the station

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