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Seventy arrested as campaign drives home road safety message

A road safety campaign aimed at helping to reduce the number of people killed or injured on Staffordshire’s roads has seen us make 70 arrests and take action against more than 300 drivers.

Tragically, 45 people lost their lives in road collisions across our county in 2023. In response, we launched our six-week Look Again campaign to encourage motorists and motorcyclists to give the road their full attention and avoid distractions.

The initiative ran for six weeks from 18 March and saw us raising awareness of the ‘fatal four’ offences that contribute to serious collisions. These are speeding, drink and drug driving, using a phone while driving, not wearing a seatbelt.

During the campaign period we made 70 arrests for vehicle-related offences. This included 18 individuals, who were found to be driving under the influence of drugs, and 15 for drink-driving.

Three people were also arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.

In addition, our officers issued 316 traffic offence reports, with action taken against drivers for poor driving habits, including not wearing a seatbelt, using a mobile phone whilst driving and driving at excess speeds.

We seized 125 vehicles and recovered 37 stolen vehicles and undertook 117 stop searches. A combined total of 176 breath tests and drug swipes were also carried out.

Superintendent Mat Derrick, from our Roads Policing Unit (RPU), said: “The consequences of dangerous and poor driving habits can be life changing for everyone involved. Each of last year’s 45 tragic fatalities in the county is somebody’s loved one; somebody’s child, a sister or a brother, a parent or grandparent.

“Although our officers, including those from our dedicated RPU, target this kind of unacceptable behaviour 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a year, the Look Again campaign has effectively highlighted the long-lasting and far reaching impact it can have on so many lives.

“Nearly half of serious or fatal road accidents in Staffordshire last year were caused by driver error. We will continue to focus on making our roads safer and enforcing our zero-tolerance approach to those whose standard of driving puts others in danger.”

Throughout the campaign, we have been sharing hints, tips and advice on how to stay focused and safe on the road, as well as releasing hard-hitting dashcam footage, and talking to people whose lives have been irreparably changed by serious and fatal collisions.

The activity follows our ongoing commitment to make our county’s roads safer.

Through Operation Lightning we aim to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on the roads of Staffordshire and to disrupt and deter criminals from using the road network.


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