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Staffordshire Highways crews focus on fixing for the next 12 months

Highways crews from Staffordshire County Council will be going the extra mile to repair more roads and drainage over the next year.


With last winter being one of the wettest and stormiest on record, crews have seen a major increase in reported defects compared to previous years.


Now, the county council has launched a year-long focus on fixing the county’s roads, which will see more money and crews carrying out pothole repairs and tackling drainage issues over the next 12 months.


The plan means nearly £8 million will be invested into getting potholes repaired more quickly, and reducing the amount of defects in the system.


Money will also be spent on improving drainage, and work aimed at preparing for more extreme weather events in the future.


It will also ensure that crews can keep using the latest technology, such as the JCB Pothole Pro, Roadmaster and Thermal Road Repairs to repair defects quickly and efficiently.


This is in addition to the £53 million being spent on a range of major projects, vital road improvements and general road maintenance in 24/25.



“After speaking with crews and listening to our residents, we have put together a focused response that sets out how we will get back on top of the defects. This plan is our commitment to making our roads better for our residents, and our crews will be pulling out all the stops to repair as many pothole and drainage issues as they can, and reduce the amount of reported defects in our systems.


“Potholes and poor drainage are a nuisance, and we know that when our residents report issues, they want them dealt with quickly. By focusing our efforts in these two areas in particular, we can really make a visible difference and create improved journeys for everyone living and working in our county.”


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