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Support for womens equality during protest outside Congleton Mp office

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

More than 50 people turned up on Mountbatten way in Congleton today as protesters and members of the womens equality party united outside the office of Congleton MP Fiona Bruce.

A recent conference on global Freedom of Religion & Belief organised by the UK, deleted ‘bodily autonomy and reproductive rights’ from an international treaty on women’s rights, prompting complaints from other countries about the UK’s role

Congleton’s MP Fiona Bruce in her role as Religious Envoy for the UK Government chaired the conference and the womens equality party say Fiona Bruce has voted consistently against women’s reproductive rights throughout her career.

The Women’s Equality Party is outraged that the ‘Feminist Republic of Congleton’, the very place that elected the first Womens equality party Councillor, Kay Wesley, is the source of an attempted roll-back of women’s rights.

Supporters of the protest took the Mountbatten way and chanted •

  • Be alarmed by Mrs Bruce; no going back!”

  • “Our Bodies, Our Choice!

  • “What do we want? Women’s rights! When do we want them? Now”

  •   “Why why why, Fiona” (to the tune of ‘Delilah’)

Councillor Kay Wesley said

“The response from people along Mountbatten Way was fantastic. Motorists including women, men, families, bus, van and lorry drivers tooted their horns, waved and shouted in support.


Passers-by came to chat and tell us of their strong support for women to decide what happens to their own bodies. Many were shocked when they heard that their MP Fiona Bruce not only opposes women’s reproductive rights, but is actively campaigning to roll them back and take us back to the 1950s.


It is time we replaced Fiona Bruce with an MP whose views represent the vast majority of people in her constituency, as we demonstrably saw today.”


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