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Councillors have raised concerns over safety and have asked the Staffordshire Police for advice

Following protestors storming a Conservative fundraising event, councillors at Staffordshire Moorlands District Council have asked Staffordshire Police and senior officers at the council to provide advice on keeping safe. Following the protest several individuals have been arrested.

The event which was fundraising money for the Conservative Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Ben Adams was hijacked by pro-Palestinian protestors. It has been claimed protestors threw eggs at attendees and were verbally abusive to family members, including children. 

However, councillors at Staffordshire Moorlands District Council have asked for guidance over the safety of councillors. Council Leader, Councillor Mike Gledhill (Lab) has raised the issue with senior officers at the council.

In May elections are taking place throughout Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire to elect a Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner with some authorities taking to the ballot box to elect councillors. Later this year there is also expected to be a general election taking place and questions over the safety and security of candidates, councillors and political activists have been raised.

Councillor James Aberley, who attended the disrupted fundraising event told councillors: “It does highlight the security of political candidates, councillors and any activists in this space at the moment. I would like to ask if we can get the police to come to this council to talk to councillors about good practice for campaigning and events, anything that protects us, it’s a difficult atmosphere out there and I think we can work together.”

Recently East Staffordshire Borough Council revised guidance to members of the public attending council meetings. Now members of the public will have their bags searched and undergo a screening using a metal detecting wand by security officials.

The council’s Chief Executive confirmed that there is a national personal security event for local councillors. Additionally risk assessments for all council meetings could be changed following the guidance received. 


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