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Urge for drivers to stay safe in adverse conditions

We are urging all drivers to travel carefully, as strong winds and heavy rain continue across Staffordshire.

We are receiving lots of reports of fallen trees and flooded roads, as Storm Gerrit continues to cause disruptions for motorists across the country.


Drivers are being urged to take extra time for their journeys and plan for diversions. If you do not think that it is safe to travel, consider delaying your journey and staying where you are until the weather conditions improve.

If it is safe, make sure that your windscreen wipers, headlights and taillights are all working properly before setting off, as this will help you and other road users to see each other in poor visibility.

If the visibility is so poor that you cannot see where you are going, you should pull over and stop, but only when it is safe to do so.

Drive at slower speeds to keep better control over your car. This allows you to maintain your focus on the road ahead and gives you a better chance of avoiding any falling debris. You should also keep a larger gap than normal between yourself and other vehicles.

Wet roads mean that your car will take longer to come to a complete halt, so you should start to brake sooner than normal.

You should also avoid driving through large bodies of water, including puddles. Do not attempt to drive through a flooded road.


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