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Warning over grooming and cuckooing

Staffordshire Police today warns that children and vulnerable people can be groomed online or face-to-face by a stranger or someone they know. They can receive money, mobiles, credit, expensive clothing, jewellery, or other items/gifts in exchange for a specified task.

Cuckooing is a form of county lines crimes in which drug dealers take over the home of a vulnerable person in order to use it as a base for drug dealing.

PC Warrilow said "I have attended a local school today in relation to cyber bullying and we discussed the phrase, "Keyboard Warriors.""

"Could parents please do their best to monitor the sites their children access, and also the kind of messages which they are sending and receiving".

Anyone who is getting bullied online is advised to block people where appropriate and if they are of school age, make sure they tell parents or a teacher.


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