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Werrington Scarecrows back with the good the bad and the ugly

Last year the Werrington volunteers re-launched the annual Scarecrow Weekend based around a digital format which made the organisation much easier for those taking part. People liked this method so much that the new coordinator Donna Ruscoe is continuing with the same approach in addition to making hard copies available.

Residents can create and display their scarecrow to join in the fun and it is open to all, not just homes but schools, churches, care homes and everyone can join in and let their imaginations run wild. In the past this has proved to be an important weekend for Werrington and the volunteers are looking to make this year’s event the biggest and best ever and so any ideas and suggestions will be welcome.

This year’s theme is “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” which gives everyone a wide range of character to choose from andscarecrow-makers can choose themselves whatever they doand so hopefully there will be a bigger variety than ever on display.

The date of the Scarecrow Weekend is down for Saturday and Sunday 18th and 19th September 2021. As in past years there will be a £1 Entry Fee payable at the Library and location maps will be available on both Saturday and Sunday mornings in the Werrington Community Library or you can download entry forms/Rules from - Facebook Werrington Scarecrow Weekend or use the on line link -

Entry Registration Forms are also available from Werrington News, The Cabin (Bargain Booze)the Co-op, JFK and the Library. Trail Maps will be available from Werrington Library for a nominal charge on the mornings of Scarecrow Weekend

For more information contact Donna on 01782 302840 or


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