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Cheshire East Council support Afghan settlement scheme

Cheshire East Council is supporting the Home Office’s Afghan relocations and assistance policy for people who worked as ‘locally employed staff’ to support British forces in Afghanistan.

The Home Office has arranged for a number of individuals and families to be accommodated in the area temporarily, while longer-term accommodation is secured.

The council is helping the new arrivals by providing advice and information about the UK and Cheshire East and is providing support to the families while they are in this temporary accommodation. In addition, Covid vaccines are being offered to all families and regular testing will be advised.

Cheshire East Council is also committed to provide longer-term accommodation for five families.

Nichola Thompson, director of commissioning for Cheshire East Council, said, “The council has an important role to play in supporting the individuals who worked with British forces in Afghanistan and their families, who have moved with them to the UK.

“Moving from your home country is a significant life event for anyone at any time – particularly considering the difficult circumstances seen in Afghanistan recently.

“Various council services will be important in helping these new arrivals settle and adapt to life in the UK and we will be working closely with other local organisations, and the Home Office, to provide a safe and supportive transition for them.”


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