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Children’s team thanked for taking on care of adult intensive care patients during pandemic

Staff on the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) at Royal Stoke have been thanked for transforming their working pattern to care for adult patients with Covid during the pandemic.The team opened their doors to adult intensive care patients twice during the first and second wave, presenting an enormous challenge both professionally and personally.

Paula Blurton, Senior Sister on Ward 216, worked closely with the team on PICU during their the time their services were utilised.

Paula said: “The team have shown so much empathy and compassion and I have personally witnessed some very positive patient journeys. It’s not an easy task to transform an area and for children's nurses to adapt their skills for adults, so I have nothing but admiration. The general sense of camaraderie and the support they have shown to each other has been commendable and has enriched the learning for these staff. I am so proud to have been a very small part of this.”

Staff on PICU have been given the Team of the Month award in recognition of their contribution.

Helen Ashley, Director of Strategy and Performance, said: “We really appreciate what the team on PICU have done here, their work has made a huge difference to patients and staff. To have to make all of these changes once was a big enough task, but to do it twice, an even greater challenge. It’s a real honour to present the team with this award, they have fully earned it and we continue to be grateful their hard work and dedication.”

Teresa Wilson, PICU Matron, said: “The first time we did this was something of a novelty and we were actually quite excited to be involved and to see how we could help. It was a massive challenge because we had to completely change the way we worked. Our staff are children’s nurses and many of them have never cared for adult patients before.

“During the second wave I approached the trust to offer our services again because we wanted to step up and help. Admittedly the second time round was much harder, but I’m so proud of all the staff, they have worked incredibly hard. We’ve always been a close team, but I feel we’re even closer now. It’s a great feeling to know we have done something to help our colleagues. “As a matron I try to be visible and approachable. My staff know they can come to me about anything, whether it’s professional or personal, and many of them do. If someone’s been having a bad day I have taken them for a coffee and a chat in our wellbeing room and that’s helped. I think knowing you have support and that someone has your back is what gets you through a time like this. “We’ve cared for some brilliant patients during this time and families have been so grateful. We’ve received chocolates and thank you’s – people don’t forget what you have done for them.” Chilli Information Solutions


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