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Congleton Community Solar Reaches Milestone Funding, Paving the Way for Sustainable Community Energy Project.

Congleton Solar is celebrating a significant milestone as it secures the green light for its sustainable energy project. With the attainment of the minimum fundraising goal, the community solar share offer has garnered immense support, amassing applications totalling an impressive £290,500 from committed community investors. Bolstering this remarkable achievement, the CO-OP booster fund has contributed £60,000. Furthermore, recent developments reveal a substantial Key Fund Loan and grant amounting to £100,000, elevating the fundraising total to £450,500. Key Fund ( is a social investor who providesfunding to community and social enterprises that have traditionally been excluded and turned down by mainstream lenders.

David Mason, Director of the project, expressed his elation, stating, "Receiving the vote of confidence from the Key Fund Loan is a fantastic leap forward, signalling the project's green light. It brings me immense pleasure to notify our shareholders, some of whom made investments earlier in July, that the project is proceeding as planned. We anticipate this news will inspire additional investors to step forward and help us inch closer to our maximum target."

To fulfil all ten schemes outlined in the original business plan, the target stands at £530,000. Failing to meet the full target might necessitate scaling down or deferring the completion of certain schemes to a later date.

Why Invest in Congleton Solar:

• Positive Impact: Investing in Congleton Solar directly contributes to expanding clean, renewable energy within our community.

• Sustainable Future: Join us in mitigating carbon footprints and championing environmental sustainability through solar power initiatives.

• Community Engagement: Become an integral part of a dynamic community committed to fostering a positive impact on our environment and future generations.

We extend an invitation to all potential investors to explore this remarkable opportunity further. Engage with us, pose inquiries, and uncover how you can play a pivotal role in shaping a brighter, cleaner future. For comprehensive details regarding our community solar share offer, please visit our website at or reach out to a member of the team at The share offer concludes on the 31st of December. Join us on this journey towards a greener tomorrow.

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