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Congleton Projects can apply for Margaret Williamson’s Memorial Funding

Local groups and organisations have until 24 March to submit a grant application for funding from the Margaret Williamson’s Fund. The fund was set up in memory of Margaret to support environmental, educational and cultural projects in Congleton.

Since 2017 the fund has allocated 38 grants totalling more than £21,000. This includes £4,000 which was added to the funds from the proceeds of the Dane Hydro scheme in 2021. Grants have varied from £100 to £1400 over the past four rounds of funding.

Margaret helped establish the Congleton Partnership and was a driving force and inspiration behind improving the culture and environment of Congleton. The Margaret Williamson fund was established to support suitable projects and to keep that spirit alive. Grants are made available from the funds generated by the capital in the fund. This year the fund will support around £2,300 worth of projects and applications need to be submitted by 24 March.

The Trustees of the Fund are looking to award grants toprojects which meet one or more of the following criteria:

• Provide opportunities for people to take part in musical, theatrical, literary, performing art, dance, or other artistic activities.

• Provide opportunities for education and awareness of the natural environment, especially among young people.

• Conserve or improve the natural environment for the benefit of the people in Congleton & District.

Projects and beneficiaries must fall within Congleton and District area as defined as CW12 postcode or 01260 STD Code.

If you have a project or an idea that meets the criteria and need financial help to make a difference to Congleton, please complete the application form. The forms can be downloaded from:

Paper copies can also be picked up from the Congleton Information Centre in the Town Hall.

There is still an opportunity for companies, organisations and individuals to donate funds to the Margaret Williamson Trust this can be done via the Partnership, contact: or tel: 01260 270350 ext 7. The capital donated to the fund will sit in a ring-fenced endowment fund within Cheshire Community Foundation, with the income generated used to fund projects.

The trustees will consider the applications early in April and funds will be released later in the month.


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