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Council pledge to reduce the use of Glyphosate

Following widespread concerns over the effects of Glyphosate weed killer, Congleton Town Council ceased its use in and around ‘official’ children’s play areas managed by the Council’s Streetscape team in July 2020. The policy to withdraw Glyphosate in this area stems from the town council declaring a Climate Change Emergency in 2019.

Congleton Town Council are committed to minimising the use of Glyphosate in Streetscape managed areas. Ruth Burgess Streetscape Development Manager said: "The council has made a pledge to stop using it in more places to protect wildlife and the local community. I am delighted to confirm that the Streetscape team will not apply Glyphosate in the following extended areas:

  • Grassy areas which are ‘unofficial’ play areas used by children

  • Near schools

  • Around trees

  • Around street furniture

Ruth continues “We see the potential for further reduced use of Glyphosate in public spaces, footpaths and estates, and we will continue to explore suitable alternative methods of controlling weeds in a planned and effective way.”

A number of residents alerted their concerns to the council in relation to Glyphosate weed killer being used in ‘unofficial’ play areas. After listening to public reservations and taking the subsequent action to substantially decrease the use of the pesticide, the council hope their response provides members of the public with trust and reassurance in their long term commitment to reducing the use of Glyphosate in Congleton.

Pictured L-R: Ruth Burgess, Streetscape Development Manager and Cllr Robert Douglas.

At Marshall Grove Play Area, Henshall Hall Estate, Mossley.


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