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Karen Bradley MP - Update 13th June 2022

I was pleased to hear the Government announcement of an investment of £3 million to support local communities in renovating 125 villages halls, which will allow for vital modernisation and improvements to take place.

The fund was launched by the Government on 28 May 2022 to mark Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

We have many village halls in the Moorlands which are essential for our rural communities and are home to Parish Council meetings, community groups, coffee mornings, jumble sales, dance and fitness classes and so many other activities.

As many of you know, one of my campaigns since being an MP is to help tackle elderly loneliness and isolation and this is even more important in the more rural areas of the Moorlands. Our village halls are essential and I am therefore always pleased to be invited to visit and see just how much they are doing for the local community.

I have visited Werrington village hall, just to mention one of many, on many occasions. I held my Charities Conference there working with the Charities Commission and it is always great to hear their news and see the latest improvements. It is a lovely place for the community to meet and socialise, with so many different events and activities happening and I know it is a real lifeline for local residents.

The Platinum Jubilee Village Hall Improvement Grant Fund will build on the success of the schemes to commemorate both Queen Victoria and King George, and demonstrate that almost 200 years on, we continue to build on the legacy of the monarchy, both past and present.

I understand that details on how the funding will be administered will be announced in due course and would encourage local Village Hall committees to apply once details are out.

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